Reports suggest that the most favored response of established universities and colleges  to the emergence of MOOCs is to ask their own faculty members to build online courses.   Because this seems by far the most favored option, it will be examined here at length.

This option seems attractive because it uses an institution’s own faculty and information technology resources and avoids payments to outside providers of courses and course materials.    It also seems to promise enhanced control of educational quality.   For these reasons this option seems very popular as a response to potentially disruptive changes that originate outside the institution.

But this is also the most radical of the possible responses to the challenge of MOOCs and the least likely to be successful.   The reasons for this will become apparent as we review this option.

There are a number of significant issues associated with this approach.   They may be summarized into two categories:

– The lack of ability of the faculty to build good online courses and

– The inadequacy of most institutions’ information technology staff to assist adequately in the building of good online courses

In our next posting we will begin to examine these issues.


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