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Here are recent links of interest:

“How Artificial Intelligence enhances education” – TNW
In the past years, a collection of hardware, software and online service have managed to bring changes and reforms to classrooms and teaching methods. But the true disruption of education is yet to arrive. Artificial Intelligence has proven its role as a game changing factor in an increasing number of fields, causing transformations… Continue Reading

“How to Deal With Digital Distractions” – NYT
I used to teach at the graduate school of information sciences at the University of California, Berkeley. I couldn’t believe how many students looked at ESPN.com or its ilk in class. We live in a world of screens, where digital distractions contend with our need to learn. Is multitasking a good idea? Continue Reading

“If You Want To Learn Faster, Overclock Your Audio And Video” – WIRED
TIKITU DE JAGER, a coder living in Greece, wanted to learn to program in iOS. So, like a lot of us do when we want to pick up a new skill, he started watching lessons online. At the outset everything was new, so he’d watch carefully and take notes. But as De Jager’s knowledge grew, he wanted to zip past familiar material… Continue Reading

“How to Effectively Train Millennials in the Workplace” – Inc.
A new generation of learners requires a new approach to workplace training. Here are the six elements needed to professionally develop your Millennial employees. According to Bersin by Deloitte, a leading research and advisory services firm, talent development is the second biggest challenge facing HR executives at organizations today… Continue Reading

“Make Online education Grat (For The First Time)” – Forbes
It’s human nature to think things were better in the Good Old Days. Even near-death experiences of yesteryear can be gilded with nostalgia. Like the time at dinner when my mom asked me to pass the mayonnaise. Inspired by the funky 70s-era combination she wore as she headed out for a night of disco dancing… Continue Reading

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