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“The Power of Story in eLearning” – eLearning Brothers
“Think about the last speech you heard. Do you remember all the facts and statistics? Or, do you remember the details of the story the speaker (hopefully) shared to illustrate their point? I’m willing to bet you recall the story—the problem, the characters, the climax, the solution, and how that story made you feel. It’s a similar situation with eLearning. The power of story helps us engage learners with the eLearning content we deliver… Continue Reading

“The Future of eLearning” – Chris Lema
You’ve likely seen the same stats that I have – everyone is using their phone. For everything. Except maybe phone calls. I drive a silent car. This summer I almost killed people because my silent car was driving in the middle of the road (where it was supposed to be). But right there, in the middle of the road… Continue Reading

“3 Reasons why AI is education’s future” – eSchool News
If you ask kids today why phrases like “hang up” the phone or “roll down” the window exist, chances are they’ll have no idea. Fast-forward to the near future and “search the web” may also cause a few head scratches. “We’re evolving, but remain electronic ‘hunters and gatherers,’” explained Ralph Lucci, cofounder and user experience director at Behavior Design… Continue Reading

“Top 5 Virtual Reality Trends to Watch for #HigherEd” – collegewebeditor.com
YouTube officially announced it will support 360-degree live-streaming. This will allow users to experience a live event in full 360-degree video on their computers, mobile devices or through headsets like Google Cardboard. The potential applications of this technology in Higher Ed are great. University audiences will have the opportunity to “virtually” attend live lectures, concerts, and sporting events… Continue Reading

“Blended Learning Changes the Education Game” – Quill.com
Blended learning is one of the fastest growing sectors of education. It is estimated that more than four million K-12 students participate in some kind of online schooling, such as taking an online class in their conventional public school, attending a blended learning program, or enrolling in a completely virtual charter school. Currently, some type of online learning opportunity is available to students… Continue Reading

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