WE ARE ALWAYS looking for the latest noteworthy E-Learning news and commentary. We have aggregated pertinent insights below for your consideration to keep you up-to-date with the world of E-Learning.

Here are recent links of interest:

“Why Employees Benefit From Game-Based Learning, Serious Games “ – Designing Digitally
“Organizations today are integrating game-based learning into everyday applications and changing the way employees work. According to the report, “Harnessing the Power of Videogames for Learning,” from the 2006 Summit on Educational Games by the Federation of American Scientists… Continue Reading

“Use MindMaps for e-Learning” – Traineasy
Any company looking to improve its e-learning system, or implement a fresh one, could benefit from mind mapping. The technique is nothing new, mind mapping has been used in educational institutions for many years. They’re also an extension of the old brainstorming theory of creating a map from a single word or piece of text and the term itself has been around… Continue Reading

“Using Sliders to Create Parallax Effects in E-Learning” – E-Learning Heros
How many times have you learned to do something new in a software program you’ve been using for years? Maybe you discovered a feature or preference you didn’t know existed. Or, maybe it was less about a feature than it was combining features or using the tool in creative ways that enabled… Continue Reading

“Should Your eLearning course Include a Test-out Option?” – eLearning Brothers
You’ve spent hours, days, maybe even 12 months or more creating online learning content. It’s only natural that you want learners to view every last screen and complete all the activities you built. Even more, you want them to reap the rewards of their newfound knowledge… Continue Reading

“10 Surprising Benefits Of Gamification” – eLearning Industry
Gamification isn’t just about rapid consumption of microlearning modules or supercharging employee performance. Not even about “fun” style of Pokemon Go. It also has significant effects on corporate culture and workplace design. Here are 10 of the most surprising benefits of gamification… Continue Reading

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